The Positivity Initiative.

Building a community through positive education.

The Positivity PROJECT



Disheartened by the media's negativity, the Positivity Initiative's mission is to build an online space that is a platform for positive communication and learning. We believe that progress, whether that be on the national or personal scale, begins with educating yourself. Our mission is to touch as many lives as possible by helping others learn about international issues without feeling the daunting pressure of a biased newspaper or multi-media corporation. In fostering positive learning, we hope to shed light on the issues at hand today that need the most attention by bringing people together to connect on how they may help. Everyone in this world has a different perspective - our mission is to bring these perspectives together in hopes of tackling world issues. 


What is the Positivity Initiative? 

The Positivity Initiative is a website that focuses on learning, communication and self-growth through a three-tiered approach. Our site covers a variety of different topics in a purely educational manner - straying away from the bias and negativity present in the media. Visitors are encouraged to browse through the topics they are interested in and learn as much as they can. Each month, the site hosts an online public forum to initiate conversation and how to solve a certain issue. There is a monthly topic and guiding question to help facilitate healthy conversation rather than an open-ended discussion. Unlike other multi-media platforms, the Positivity Initiative proctors the forum to ensure that comments are positive, healthy and constructive. Acknowledging the importance of face-to-face disussion and concrete action, the Positivity Initiative encourages visitors to create their own group of dedicated individuals to further the conversation on the website. Each group can be sponsored by the Initiative with a simple email and be included in a nationwide network of clubs. 


Learning is the first step in understanding how to tackle any issue whether that be political or personal. Browse through the several topics (updated monthly) to see which sparks your interest. 


Communication sets the foundation for a healthy society. By communciating with one another, we develop new ideas and perspectives which can help us tackle complicated issues. Participate in our monthly dicussion forum where visitors can interact and comment their thoughts and solutions to the topic. 


Community. Join a Positivity Initiative club or start your own and become part of an interconnected group of devoted individuals. Participate in face-to-face discussion, service projects and group activities. 


The Fairfield County Youth Empowerment Conference

Last April, we hosted a conference with students all over Fairfield County to discuss today's pressing issues. From domestic policy to international crises, the day was full of eye-opening, positive conversation. Explore some of the key issues that were discussed last month on this website and be sure to continue the discussion in the monthly online forum. 


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